Massage in Singapore

Singapore spa and massage services are in hot demand these days. From the seedy alley shops to well-known tourist parlours, business is booming in recent years. And the quality of therapeutic services in Singapore can be either top shelf, or gutter trash. Unfortunately, it often takes newcomers weeks to get up to speed on the massage scene here. It seems like every taxi driver is on the hook these days to one of the tourist bars, meaning they’ll say anything to get you into whichever shop is paying them. But with only outdated postings online to pour through, it’s no wonder there are so many questions from visitors! Since you’re reading this, you’ve taken an important first step to separating yourself from the “tourist herd” in Singapore, and the information you’re about to discover will not only delight you, they might just shock you!

Singapore Massage Center offers Thai and Shiatsu therapy.

While tourist trap massage parlours in Singapore charge upwards of $200-$300 for a decent massage, the locals know of much better options. In parlours scattered throughout Singapore, these experienced insiders enjoy delights unheard of, all while paying pennies on the dollar. I didn’t even know these places existed at first – I had only visited the parlours near tourist areas. And while these places do provide full services for men seeking such things, paying a couple hundred dollars for a rubdown from an old Chinese woman probably wasn’t what these men had in mind for their massages.

Singapore Therapeutic Massage Options

If one prefers a Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish, or even hot stones therapy in Singapore, world class services can most certainly be found. Certified therapists as well as high end spa centers dot the landscape, many of the upper scale hotels even having private facilities for guests. The fact is, Singapore has therapeutic options that rival any city in the world. Here are just a few of the massage types available.

Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage originated in Japan and focuses on recharging the body’s “meridians”. By using strategic pressure on the carefully mapped out meridian points, a trained therapist is able to rejuvenate the muscle groups, re-balance the body, and increase the flow of blood & energy to limbs. Shiatsu massage has increased in popularity throughout Asia, largely because it doesn’t leave the body feeling fatigued or worked afterwards.

Spas outside the tourist district are often preferred by travelers.

Thai Massage

Thai massage therapy also focuses on meridians, but utilizes stretching and yoga-like positions to achieve rejuvenation and balance. Enjoying increased worldwide popularity in recent years, Thai therapists in Singapore aim to create a partnership approach to their therapy sessions, in which the client will push beyond their own comfort zone to increase the body’s flexibility and recharge pressure points along the way.

Swedish Massage

A relatively new style of massage in Asia, the goal of the Swedish massage is to relieve muscle and joint fatigue through long strokes which balance comfort and effectiveness. Often used in conjunction with oils, the Swedish therapists through a kneading motion will focus on muscle groups that appear to be the most tight or in need of therapy. This is the most popular massage type in the west, and Singapore residents seem to be fans of Swedish massage as well, as evidenced by several new Swedish parlours in recent years.

Hot Stones Massage

While considered a novelty by many traditionalists, the use of hot stones has seen increasing demand lately. This therapy involves water or air heated stones of varying sizes placed on tension points throughout the body, and given time to penetrate and relieve tension of muscle and joint groups. Although it’s effectiveness is controversial, it’s popularity with clients certainly isn’t!

Full Body Massages

Technically the “full body” massage simply means the entire body is attended to using one of the aforementioned styles. In reality, those seeking a full body therapists are seeking a “happy ending” or sensual massage experience. Oftentimes business travelers in Singapore are away from home for extended periods, so this massage type simply cannot be ignored when discussing massage in Singapore!

Singapore parlour girls.

Francis McDougal is widely known throughout Singapore pleasure districts as a leading expert on such services. If you seek a massage in Singapore involving a happy ending, McDougal’s Guide to Singapore Massage comes highly recommended & field-tested. In recent years, happy ending parlours in Singapore have been on the increase, but the ever changing landscape always keeps things dynamic. Newcomers are advised to do their homework prior to taking part in any of this action themselves, as it comes with certain risks.

Who Else Wants A Massage in Singapore?

Whether you are looking for a therapeutic massage or a more recreational rubdown, Singapore boasts more options than almost anywhere in the world. Hotel districts and shopping areas alike offer a break from the hectic pace, and massages are becoming more and more popular in the bustling city. And whenever you choose to enjoy your next therapy session, we’re sure you’ll experience delights that will keep you coming back for years to come!

Last updated by at February 21, 2013.