Why Don’t Men in Singapore Know This Secret?

Finally, Some FACTS about happy ending Massages in Singapore.

Why Isn’t Gold Finger at the Jalan Besar still recommended?

Does Kenko Spa offer “happy endings”?

Is Geylang an actual legitimate option for massages?

If you’ve ever wanted to know about happy ending massages in Singapore, you’re not the only one! My name is Francis McDougal and ever since I set foot on the island of Singapore I’ve experienced highs and lows that I couldn’t have possibly imagined. I believe Singapore to be the most dynamic place on earth, where worldly delights can be right next door to ripoffs, all very confusing to a newcomer!

Singapore massage spa

UNHAPPY ENDING: Singapore spa raid victim.

Newcomers here are many times overwhelmed with “information overload”. The dynamic scene and variety of opinions and recommendations can easily confound visitors and take several weeks to sort through and form one’s own opinion. Believe me, I get it. I remember how confusing it all seemed to me, even how Geylang seemed like another planet to me when I first experienced it!

How Can I Tell Happy Ending Parlours From “Legitimate” Ones?

Regardless of what you might have been told or read on misleading internet forums, Singapore is NOT Bangkok. There aren’t barber poles and flashing lights announcing “special” services. In fact, locals have certain tell-tale signs here to communicate when certain touching or care is off limits, or is readily offered in massage centers. And over the years I’ve made dozens of mistakes, some of which ended with humiliation and embarrassment. I’ve been overcharged and scammed. I know how it feels, especially the powerlessness you feel as a newcomer in Singapore.

Ultimate Singapore Spas Revealed!

When I’m not busy in my “day job”, chances are I’m guiding friends or associates around Singapore’s ultimate parlours. I take small groups or individuals through ultimate insider brothels, spas and parlours every month, and always keep my finger on the pulse of Singapore’s hottest locations. In order to provide my advice to more visitors and keep them safe in Singapore, I’ve released my Singapore Massage Guide – an insider’s guide to the ultimate Singapore experience that can literally take you from the Changi Airport to the hottest party in town – or provide you with hotel room delights that you cannot imagine now. In this downloadable guide, I reveal:

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